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September Spring has sprung! Time to ramp up the workload 

  • Inspect hives not already manipulated since winter.
  • Add new frames and supers to strong hives. 
  • Extract surplus honey. 
  • Be prepared for swarming. 
  • Plan for the splitting hives. 
  • When extracting follow the 1/3 rule (1/3 for brood - 1/3 stored honey - 1/3 empty honey frames). 


It’s still Spring, continue as for September, plus: 

  • Be on the lookout for Queen Cells.
  • Add foundation to discourage swarming. 
  • The prime month for dividing strong hives and forming nucs. 
  • Increase vigilance for Small Hive Beetle.



The Association's primary focus is to encourage new people into this fascinating craft and assist them by:

  • Providing a local association as a focal point for members;
  • Increasing their knowledge of bees and bee culture;
  • Educating members by holding monthly meetings & events;
  • Providing contact with experienced beekeepers who can help newcomers;
  • Supporting, coaching and mentoring all members;
  • Advising on the purchase of equipment and supplies;
  • Fostering intelligent observation & good practical handling of bees;
  • Providing education on the importance and relationships between bees and the environment.



LVBA is fortunate enough to have a specially designed and outfitted trailer, which is used to promote and educate people on the everything related to bees.

We visit the following markets, where you can come and have any queries or questions answered. 

We also attend specialised events such as the Morwell International Rose Garden Festival

You can also see our specialised clear observation hive, where you can see the bees hard at work.

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